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1. Complete Application

2. Fax or Email to your salesperson.

Must Have Current and Valid Tax ID

Get Approved Within 48-72 Hours

Your Information is Always Secure

Reagan Wireless Corporation respects your privacy and we never share your information with any other parties. To read our Privacy Statement in full CLICK HERE.

Wholesale Electronics Distributor, Wholesale Unlocked Cell Phones - Reagan Wireless

Wholesale Application

Please download and complete the application (*PDF FORMAT), sign it, then fax it to: +1 (954) 596-0070 or email to your salesperson. Please make sure you have filled in all the required information and sign the document so as not to delay the process. Typically, it may take 2-3 business days to process the average application.


Vendors Application

Please download and complete the vendor’s form below (*PDF FORMAT) and fax to (954) 596-0070.

We Proudly Accept