When you buy unlocked wholesale cell phones and accessories from Reagan Wireless, you know exactly what you are getting, regardless of which stock you select. This is core to our philosophy. We are well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent and incomplete triage, and we, therefore, strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency. Phones are tested using PhoneCheck to ensure full-functionality.

With the second hand market for used smartphones becoming an increasingly important part of the global smartphone ecosystem, we have optimized our operations to reflect the market needs of both our suppliers and customers.

We maintain an R2 Certified Facility in Deerfield Beach, Florida. Through relationships cultivated for over a decade, we source product directly from top-tier carriers, retailers, and manufacturers. Once received, these products undergo a stringent triage and grading process and are then distributed to our diverse client base according to each customer’s specific requirements.

Phone Check Certified

Reagan Wireless

Reagan Wireless is one of the country’s most trusted value-added suppliers of wholesale cell phones and accessories. We source new and used cell phones and accessories directly from carrier trade-in programs, big-box retailers, and manufacturers.

All cell phones and accessories that we source undergo our stringent, best-in-class triage process during which they are both functionally tested and cosmetically graded. As veterans of the industry, we are well aware of the challenges that come along with inconsistent and incomplete triage, and we, therefore, strive to differentiate ourselves through transparency and consistency.

We aim to redefine this industry by using best in class technology to simplify the process of buying and selling used wholesale cell phones and accessories. Please use the links on the right to help you get started.


Welcome to Reagan Wireless

We have the products that your customers want at prices you’ll love. Yes, prices you’ll love! Our prices are backed by years of experience and a team of people who will stop at nothing to ensure each order gets a personal touch, regardless of which stock you select.

What’s so great about the lowest price, if the item isn’t as described, costing you to spend additional resources?

Our price includes peace of mind in an uncertain market.

Welcome to Reagan Wireless

We have the “A Team” of industry professionals, who have the talents to handle any size volume of merchandise you need help moving. Yes, any size. Don’t let your merchandise become obsolete while you search for the right partners. No need to sort, grade or separate malfunctioning/ broken items, just send us the products at the best price you have and we’ll do the rest. From sorting, grading, and much more ensuring your brand name and products is associated with the highest Practices Standard in the industry.

What’s so great about getting the highest price, if your products flood the market? This can cause your brand and new products to decline in value, costing you lost revenue in sales, market share and much more.

Reagan Wireless accredited with the highest rating in the industry, our Vendors enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their brand is represented by professionals in an uncertain market.

Logistics Management

We offer carefree management from ordering to delivery, you pay what it cost us with no hidden fees. Too good to be true? Well, that’s what you get when you work with the best and highest accredited in the industry.

We also work with your preferred carrier, allowing you to enjoy any establish rates and benefit your carrier offers.

Our Warranty

Reagan Wireless offers a 30-day warranty on all orders, including Grade A, B, and C. You heard(read) right warranty on grades lower than A. Warranty starts when you receive your order to ensure you receive items as described. This is one of many reasons why Reagan Wireless has the highest rating in the industry.

Next time you consider a lower price elsewhere remember the cost of the item isn’t always the final price you pay unless it’s with Reagan Wireless.

Our Promise

We are 100% committed to our employees, the people who work directly with you. That relationship translates into better customer service and sets the standard for every interaction you will have with our company, ensuring each one is a pleasant experience even difficult one.